Let me ask you a question real quick - why do you continue going outside? Earlier this year I watched a film titled "The Important Places" and it's really helped shape my answer. Day in and day out, I dream of getting back outside, sleeping under the stars, and chasing dreams with friends. Why? These are the places where I feel at home, where I feel a calling to better myself, and where my worries drift away and I can realign with what's important. It's a place to seek out with friends and learn about each other, learn what matters and how you can help them. It's where countless people have gone before us, lived stories of their own, and preserved it for generations like myself. To be a part of something like this holds a power in itself. Going outside feels like going home to me and I hope that never changes. 

2015 has been one of the most influential years of my life, so I feel like it's important to shine some light on that. I moved out of my home in Los Angeles and into my Honda CR-V - his name is Walter. People often refer to it as my van, but it's far from that. A homemade wooden platform bed, 3-inch memory foam mattress, and some rope tied up to dry clothes. That was my home for about 8 months this year and I still miss it. I've slept in my sleeping bag more than a bed, in the dirt more times than I can count, and under some beautiful skies full of stars.

Fast forward to 2016 and I'm even luckier to call Seattle, WA my new home. I'm able to experience life with a wonderful community of people who inspire me each day. We get outside often and no matter the conditions, there's a smile on our faces. 

As a photographer, my goal is to share stories and inspire strangers to get out and chase their dreams. I'm drawn to the wild moments we all experience outside, where nothing makes sense and you're left speechless. 



January - Salt Lake City
February - Hawaii
March - New Zealand
May - Southwest // Philippines
June - Nashville // Alaska
July - Northern California // Glacier NP
August - Utah // British Columbia
September - Yosemite
October - Cuba
December - Patagonia







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