Hey, I'm Greg.

I'm a travel and lifestyle photographer focused on backpacking, climbing, and life outside. My inspiration comes from the landscapes I've walked across, starry skies I've slept under, and the people I've met from all walks of life on the trail.

I live out of my Honda CRV named Walter, and together we'll be documenting adventure stories throughout the western states over the next few months.

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2015 Travel Schedule
January - Big Sur, North Cascades NP
February - Santa Barbara, Joshua Tree
March - Arizona, Utah
April - Pacific Northwest, Sequoia NF, The Lost Coast
May - Yosemite, Sequoia NF, Olympic NP
June - Rainier NP, Mammoth Lakes, Wyoming, Montana
July - British Columbia, Colorado, Yosemite NP
August - Faroe Islands, Germany, Iceland
September - Rhode Island
October - Los Angeles
November + Beyond - Seattle